Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You’ve Been Wondering About

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You’ve Been Wondering About

Design Purpose and classification?

Our units are designed with you in mind. Our relocatable cabins can be permanently installed or moved as required. The solid structural design allows for them to be suitable for many locations not normally possible for a house to fit. 

They are not designed to be a fully permitted house and fit into similar category as short term stay, workers accommodation, campground cabin and tiny home.  If necessary the customer is responsible for ensuring suitability with local council requirements.

How is the unit installed?

Local builders and project manager if required. Billed at day rate.

Do we provide permits?

Generally not, which was the purpose of the units. Check with your local council prior to making any commitments.

Is this house all-weather proof?

Yes! From mountains to beaches in Gold Coast, these units can handle any climate. Insulated glass combined with radiant floor heating will keep you warm on the coldest winter morning. Mirrored glass that reflects 97% of UV rays will provide a cool haven in the hottest desert.

Do we offer financing?

We are working with a third party to offer financing to our business customers.

What can the unit be used for?

The sky’s the limit! Whether it be an income stream, weekend getaway or that extra space required for ever growing family and life.

Will the units be transported in a completed form?

All our units can be completed and fitted out to as much or as little as you require, ready for you to hook up to services on the land you wish to place it on.  They will however leave the factory fully enclosed and waterproof.

Will we establish the necessary infrastructure, external utilities and landscaping (roads, water, sewerage, electricity, plots designing)

No. You will need to employ a local contractor/builder to manage any on-site infrastructure you will require prior to your unit being delivered.

What about birds?

Birds often cannot recognize windows or mirrors and therefore might hurt themselves. To prevent that from happening, we use UV film stickers on all Haven Pods. These stickers reflect ultraviolet light, which is visible to birds, but not visible to the human eye. When light is reflected from the mirror glass birds understand there is an object on their way and change their direction. Our goal has always been to blend into nature without hurting it.

What about intimacy?

In the heart of nature, your privacy remains paramount. Our modular pods are thoughtfully designed with one-way glass, ensuring that while you can relish the breathtaking views outside, no one can peer in. For those seeking an added layer of seclusion, or simply a cozy atmosphere, you can easily draw the curtains or lower the blinds. At Haven, we ensure that your moments of intimacy and solitude are respected and uninterrupted.”

What about the temperature?

Your comfort within Haven’s modular pods is a top priority. Crafted with advanced materials and one-way glass film, our pods excel in heat management. We utilize passive design techniques that naturally regulate the temperature, ensuring a comfortable interior. The pod’s positioning is also strategic, chosen to optimize its thermal performance. And while we’ve equipped each pod with air conditioning for the hottest days, our added features like curtains and protective screens make certain you enjoy nature in utmost comfort. If you’re curious about our design, we’d love to showcase it with a demonstration at our factory.”

Can I install solar panels on a modular home unit?

Yes, absolutely, your unit can be totally off grid if needed.